Hi, my name is Fabian.

On this site you will find some software, creative experiments and other stuff which is related to my personal interests. - In short, some little spare time projects.


This section is about programs, tools and experiments which I have done in my spare time. The source code is usually open source, underlying the GNU General Public License.

Take a look at the different projects ahead by clicking on the corresponding title.

  • Android App TrackIt


    Android App TrackIt The Android App TrackIt lets you keep time of any activity in your everyday life and lets you compare those activities displayed in a pie chart.

    You can add whatever and as many activities as you like. For an activity to start counting just tap on it. As soon as you stop it, the time will be updated.

    The menu option Statistics generates a pie chart with the trackers defined to give you a nice overview.

    If you own an Android powered device, you can download the app at the Android market by following the link below.

    Happy tracking!


    The App is available at the Android market.

  • Ant simulation (Java)


    Ant simulation The ant simulation is written in Java and has been created during a school project. The user can choose from a few properties (territory size, amount of food, number of ants) before starting the simulation. The ants will come out the ant stack one by one and discover the area. Once an ant finds food, it starts collecting it and brings one unit back to the ant stack. While walking back, the ants leaving a fragrence on the trail for the other ants to know where the food is. After a while you can see ants building bigger and bigger ant trails. Ants looking for food are black, the blue ones are ants who found food themselves, red are the ones who found food by a food trail. The simulation ends when there is no more food available. Try it out!


    The simulation is a jar file which should run on every operating system supporting Java SE 6.

    Known bugs

    • Ghost trail:
      As soon as an ant finds food, there is a ("ghost") trail back to the ant stack which leads other ants to the food as well, even if the first ant which found the food has not yet returned back to the ant stack. Therefore, the other ants should not know (yet) about this food trail.
    • Food overlapping:
      Basically, this is not really a bug, it is more a visual mismatch on the territory. Food sometimes overlapps at the beginning of the rendering of the territory. This is due to a calculation error which I have not caught.
  • SimpleTalk AJAX Chat


    SimpleTalk - a simple ajax chat I have done this simple AJAX chat a few years ago when I was playing around with AJAX.

    It can handle multiple sessions and will automatically display a shout in an individual colour based on the author. The background color of your shout can be changed with a click on recolor.

    The chat works with PHP & MySQL.


    A little demo can be seen here.

    In order to see the multiple session handling you should open the demo site in two different browsers.


    Feel free to download the source code. It is open source, underlying the GNU General Public License.


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